Coastal Surveillance


Optimised for tracking small fast targets under challenging conditions.

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Fault tolerant architecture and graceful degradation ensure maximum system uptime.

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Scales to nationwide maritime surveillance with multiple operations centres.

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Captures and replays radar, AIS and camera data in real-time for full analysis.

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Act faster than situations develop

Coastguards around the world tend to be very different in their tasks and the way that they are organised. They can be primarily civilian or navy organisations. Some rely on volunteers to support regular staff. But in the end, all coastguards have a need to establish a common operating picture, to manage their operations according to their procedures, and to optimally deploy their staff and assets.

Essential benefits
The CoastControl Coastal Surveillance System brings you unique advantages, such as:

  • Flexibility to integrate almost any kind of sensor for maximum surveillance capability
  • Extended surveillance range with on board sensors, even while on the move
  • Operational support functions such as Manual Plot Aid (MPA) and real-time intercept calculations

We offer real time response to any issue anywhere. Thanks to our five key offices, we have established control around the globe.

Dive in deeper

Coast Guards are required to perform a wide variety of tasks that are either public services or related to law enforcement. Depending on national mandates, their tasks include:

  • Law enforcement (border protection; preventing trafficking illegal fishing, piracy; ship safety)
  • Security (Search and Rescue, risk profiling, protection of offshore infrastructure, mine clearance)
  • Safety (Incident management, maintaining AtoNs, environmental protection)

Coast guards are responsible for vast expanses of water and have the need to know what goes on, where their resources and assets are, and how to best deploy them.

In general, coast guard resources are limited, so every operation needs to count. This requires real-time information, as well as intelligence from a variety of sources, that is presented in a clear way for effective decision making.

This means:

  • Acquiring a good information position, even more important with increasing workload
  • Seamless 24/7 operations
  • Uniform collection of all observations, not just the incidents, for comprehensive analysis
  • National and international information exchange, in line with data protection laws
  • Increasing security in the littoral zone, important ports and choke points
  • Effective resource and asset management; making every operation count
  • International co-operation requiring fast data exchange using standardized protocols
  • Capability to detect and track small targets not equipped with an active Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder.

CoastControl allows coastguard staff to keep situations under control by responding faster. They should be given the right tools to focus on what they are best at: saving lives, enforcing the law and protecting the environment.

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