Port Management Information System

We provide purpose-built maritime port management information systems, which have been progressively shaped by our port clients around the world since 1985. PortControl is a modular tool for our community of harbour masters, pilots, line handlers, shipping agents, finance teams, port leaders, and their entire crew. It is anchored in expertise with innovation that works.

Modular and flexible

Fully configurable for any port.

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Reporting intelligence

Invoicing and reporting that handles the complex business needs of any port.

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Tailored data sharing for collaboration with everyone in your port community.

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People who have worked with 25+ ports bring you the world of best practices.

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Adjusted for local needs and regulations

proven standard across all customers

Fortunately, digitalisation need not be a big-bang scenario. It is entirely possible to start small and grow grand, and that is in fact what we encourage ports to do.

The use of tools such as PortControl can help ports to better align the needs of different stakeholders, and at the same time, better address unexpected changes. Depending on the specific need, a complete Port Management Information System (PMIS) or just certain specific modules can help you address the most urgent needs.

/Essential benefits

To briefly sum up, our PortControl Port Management Information System brings you:

  • a concise overview of what is happening in your port;
  • complete functionality to plan and perform services;
  • fast and accurate invoicing;
  • peace of mind with a solid solution designed to manage your operations.

PortControl handles worldwide:

Simulataneous users


Ship transits


$ Revenue billings


Tonnes of cargo


Ship transits


$ Revenue billings


Tonnes of cargo


Dive in deeper

Port Management Information Systems need to cover a broad number of bases. From managing ships’ visits , resource planning to property management and billing. Find out how our solutions can support you.

Data to invoices to statistics

PortControl registers and manages all activities and uses all operational data to generate an invoice and send it out promptly. The invoicing can handle the most complex tariffs and contracts, including those with conditional discounts and markups. Use our full Accounts Receivable module or transfer to our General Ledger (GL) application automatically for follow-up.

Ease of doing business: transparent and fast

PortControl offers a web portal for agents and suppliers to register visits and apply for berthing. The systems provide a real-time overview of the current and planned situation. Information entered once is available to authorised users and offers a single source of truth. Doing business with a port via PortControl is easy and transparent.

Sustainable: care for business, cargo, environment, customers, people, equipment, infrastructure and assets

PortControl, especially in combination with our MartimeControl Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system, makes sure ships select the best-suited trajectory from anchorage to berth and vice versa. Resource use is optimised. Just-in-time operations reduce fuel use, and therefore emissions, by up to 14%.

Situational planning and awareness

PortControl can manage the entire port: it plans the berths and resources working in the port. Planning pilots, based on their qualifications and other constraints, ensures safe navigation in the port area, preventing accidents from happening. Business rules warn of dangerous situations, such as a vessel draught exceeding berth depth.

Work everywhere on any device

PortControl is accessible from any device with our app for Android or Apple, or any web browser. This means that the people on the dock or on board the ships can report directly on progress. This is a powerful aspect of PortControl that makes it a transparent tool. It always has the latest information, which is delivered quickly.

Common Operating Picture (COP)

The COP visual displays operational and cargo information with Geographical Information System (GIS) data such as that provided by ESRI. The result is real-time situational awareness through a map-based overview of what is happening in the port. The COP presents all the information the user needs in a single application in layers that can be switched on and off as needed.

COP readily integrates with third-party information sources, for example, weather services and maps from utilities. This is where our single point of truth meets the web, and it is a powerful combination.

A complete, scalable port solution

We say, “Start small – grow grand”. Cover your core operations and grow with ease when needed. Whether you want to offer self-service options, improve customer interactions, automate workflows or gather data for analytics. It’s always evolving for you and with you.

PortControl has a full suite of modules, including:

  • visit management
  • billing management
  • service management
  • pilotage dispatch management
  • cargo management
  • property management
  • accounts receivable & finance.

Every module is optional, and custom interfaces to external systems are possible, e.g. for financial administration. All of these aspects and more are part of PortControl, which integrates seamlessly with billing and financial administration modules.

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