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What customers say

Urvin Inocente

CPA IT Manager and Project Manager

Curaçao Ports

The implementation could not have gone smoother and remained exactly on budget. Tidalis was able to meet or exceed the project schedule timelines and their engineers and trainers were exceptional.

Captain Carl Kavina

General Manager, Marine Operations

Flinders Ports

The Common Operating Picture gives us a seamless view of both land and sea operations. The technology’s in-built efficiencies have already boosted productivity and support our focus on safety.

Captain Timmy Pavri

Manager Pilotage Services

Port of Townsville

During my previous employment at Flinders Ports, we too used Tidalis’ Marine Pilot App and when I learnt this pilot-friendly and time-saving tool could easily be incorporated into Townville’s PMIS too, I naturally wanted it for my pilots yesterday.

Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration

With profound technology and experience accumulation, Tidalis is capable of providing Shanghai Port with a stable, reliable and advanced VTS system.

Urvin Inocente

CPA IT Manager and Project Manager

Curaçao Ports

The system is so well integrated that we are able to invoice for services within minutes of completion of operational activities.

Captain Allan Gray

President and CEO

Halifax Port Authority

We decided to work with Tidalis because of their track record. They have the best mix of functionality, cost and proven results in the market.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges

One of the things that has always continued to work in our port over the past two decades is the Tidalis VTS system.

Eduardo A. Campirano

Port Director and CEO

Port of Brownsville

This new automated system will enable us to streamline the process for managing all tenant leases at the Port of Brownsville.

Trevor Anderson

Operations Director

Belfast Harbour

With Tidalis’ assistance, the implementation phase has gone very smoothly, has delivered what we were looking for, and has gone live on schedule and on budget.

Gritts Lesli


Port of Stockton

The new invoice printing process is GREAT! I had all of my invoices printed by 9:00 am this morning.

Urvin Inocente

CPA IT Manager and Project

Manager Curaçao Ports

The use of mobile applications with our pilots and on our tugs and pilot boats has significantly enhanced overall efficiencies.

Sohar Industrial Port Company

Thank you for the continual online support and meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Captain Allan Gray

President and CEO

Halifax Port Authority

We are a data-driven port. We expect the Port Management Information System to be the single source of information that will transform our business.

Marie Porter

Finance Manager

Dublin Port Company

Everyone is really happy with how easy this [invoicing] is compared to the old system. It has been reduced from 8 days to 4 days in the first month.


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