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Without transport across the sea and inland waterways, the world as we know it, would not exist. Transport over water, in terms of cost and energy usage, is one of the most efficient way to move goods.

Despite the relatively low cost and energy efficiency, global transport is often still an incredibly complex process. Handling cargo in a port, on average, involves 28 parties, many of whom need to work together to get the job done. Automation of ports and terminals has made great advances, although there are large differences in the level of digital maturity. Likewise, advances in Vessel Traffic Services have made shipping much safer.

Each of our offices around the globe stems from a company with an illustrious past that were household names in the maritime world, and that have bundled their power together in Tidalis:

Most of our staff in Antwerp working on Terminal Operating Systems are former Phaeros and Cosmos employees. Phaeros was established in 1999 and joined our team in 2016.

Our Vancouver office in Canada specializing in port and pilotage management systems was established in 1985 under the name Klein Systems Group; some of our current clients go back to the very beginning of that office.

The former HITT office in Apeldoorn was established in 1994, but was delivering Vessel Traffic Services Systems since 1975, when it was still part of Holland Signaal, today a Thales company. The office branched out to Hong Kong in 2000 to better serve the Asian market.

Over the years, these offices have become a well-established unit, serving customers in all time zones.

Trust, expertise, collaboration and commitment

The people are key

Our staff is a constant factor in our business. Each day they deliver on our core values trust, expertise, collaboration and commitment to make a difference in the maritime world.

On average our staff remains with the company for 17 years, making them true experts in their respective fields. Whether it comes to engineering, software design, project management or customer support, they know what they are talking about.

To us the maritime market is both fascinating and unique. An industry that is constantly changing at various speeds with an enormous impact on the world economy.

What makes our staff passionate is the wealth of possibilities this field creates. For our software engineers for finding new ways of making things easier for our customers, for our project managers  and sales people to meet with people from the industry from many cultures around the world, each with their own story, and to find creative ways of doing business. We are active in various world standard organisations to promote interoperability between solutions and to ensure high technical standards. In the end it comes down to safety, security and efficiency for all involved in the maritime industry.

Staying in touch with what goes on in the maritime world is a priority for us, so we would like to hear from you if you have particular needs or ideas. We look forward to meeting you in person in projects, events and on-line. All of the above we can only do together with our customers. Our long list of successful references and often very long relations with customers are credit to our passion for the maritime business.


We develop maritime solutions

View of port of Tallinn, Estonia in summertime

Join our team of maritime IT-system professionals where your work has real-time impact. What we do supports our customers to serve their customers better, prevent shipping accidents, making sure energy and resources do not go to waste, rescuing people in need at sea and fight crime such as drug smuggling and piracy. There are whole new worlds for you to discover with us.

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Tidalis is the home of real-world-impact and innovative people. We are a team that’s been forging ahead with years of experience to deliver the top tech assistance to the maritime industry.

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We offer real time response to any issue anywhere. Thanks to our five key offices, we have established control around the globe.


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