Hamburg Harbour Pilots Association select Tidalis Pilot Dispatch System

Tidalis is proud to announce the delivery of its flagship Pilot Dispatch Management System (PDMS) PilotControl to Hafenlotsenbrüderschaft Hamburg (Hamburg Harbour Pilots Association).

Streamlining Pilot Assignments and Communications

Forward-thinking planning and precise pilot allocation for arriving vessels can be a complex task. As a recognized industry leader, Tidalis offers pilot groups worldwide solutions to streamline their processes, accommodating diverse and intricate regulations and scheduling demands.

PilotControl empowers clients to:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry: Free up valuable staff time for other tasks.
  • Simplified billing: Ensure accurate and efficient invoicing.
  • Enhanced communication: Improve collaboration between pilots, dispatchers, and stakeholders.
  • Flexible integrations: Connect seamlessly with existing third-party IT systems.

Real-Time Information for Informed Decisions

Hamburg’s duty pilot dispatcher will gain immediate access to all critical data, allowing the Hamburg Harbour Pilot team to make timely and well-informed decisions. This is achieved through PilotControl’s user-friendly web dispatching dashboard and the pilot-focused smartphone application. Additionally, Tidalis offers 24/7 dedicated support to ensure the uninterrupted operation of pilotage services.

Tidalis: A Leading Provider of Advanced Pilot Dispatch Solutions

“This project further solidifies Tidalis’ position as a leading supplier of cutting-edge pilot dispatch management systems,” said Tidalis CEO Ivo-Paul Tummers. “We are thrilled to welcome Hamburg Pilots to our growing family of Tidalis users. A key aspect of this project involved the critical functionality to directly interface with the Hamburg Port Authority’s Port Community System (PCS).”

Enhanced Efficiency and Safety for Hamburg Pilots

The Hamburg Marine Pilot team facilitates over +18,000 pilotage jobs annually. The new Pilot Dispatch system, PilotControl, will provide them with constant access to up-to-date information, ensuring optimal decision-making.

Captain Johann-Henrik Lüders, Chairman of Hafenlotsenbrüderschaft Hamburg, said selecting Tidalis was a straightforward decision. “Following a comprehensive six-month evaluation of pilotage dispatch solutions, both domestically and internationally, it was clear that Tidalis stands out as the industry leader,” he remarked. “Our highly dedicated team of pilots works tirelessly to safely guide vessels in and out of Hamburg harbor, 24/7, 365 days a year. Equipping our pilots and support staff with the most advanced tools is paramount to maintaining the highest service standards. We collaborate closely with the Hamburg Port Authority to guarantee the safe, efficient, and high-quality passage of vessels through our port. The Tidalis application will further enhance our internationally recognized services.”

About The Port of Hamburg and The Hamburg Harbour Pilots

The Port of Hamburg is an all-purpose port, offering handling facilities suitable for every type of cargo – from containerised general cargo to bulk cargo, from project and plant to liquids. As Germany’s largest and Europe’s third largest container port Hamburg takes on an important distribution function for worldwide flows of goods. 

Pilotage on the Elbe River dates back to the 14th century, Pilotage was & still remains an important requirement for the orderly and safe movement of ocean vessels at sea, on canals, rivers and in harbours. It is an ancient profession, as old as shipping itself.  On 1st July 1981 a parliamentary decision led to the founding of the Hamburg Harbour Pilots’ Association.

Hamburg Pilots ranks among the top professional pilotages in the world and are accredited for their high safety standards. A team of 65 marine pilots operate in all weather, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are experts in navigating vessels to and from some 290 individual berths.  

About Tidalis

Tidalis is a global leader in maritime technology solutions, dedicated to empowering our partners to navigate a more efficient, sustainable, and safer future. Our PilotControl system is just one example of how we are optimizing pilotage operations around the world. Visit our website at to learn more about how Tidalis can help you achieve your maritime goals.


Leadership & Innovation, Legacy & Prestige


Hamburg Harbour Pilots Association select Tidalis Pilot Dispatch System.


Leadership & Innovation, Legacy & Prestige


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