Maritime Service Suite


Solid foundation for maritime operations

The Maritime Service Suite (MSS) is our latest technical platform, in which we bring together the future generations of our solutions. As this is just another evolution of our existing solutions, you will recognise many features. But the integrated approach will give us many more new possibilities and the functionality will grow over time.

What is MSS exactly? MSS is a service-oriented architecture that provides both real-time data and the functionality for running (for example) a system for Vessel Traffic Services, Coastal Surveillance, Port or Terminal Management.

MSS can be installed on-premise or run in the cloud. Customers have the choice to set up their own private cloud or to use an existing commercial cloud provider. This gives our customers flexibility and makes it easy to keep your IT applications together.

You can choose the services you need and extend your system over time. This is flexible and results in the most cost-effective solution. Customer feedback and input to our roadmap are key. In this way, we can shape our maritime future together and provide solutions that make sense.

For example, a small port may need elementary VTS services and terminal management functions, preferably hosted in a cloud environment in the form of a subscription, whereas a coastguard might prefer more extensive functionality (including Search and Rescue (SAR), Virtual aids for navigation (AtoNs) and AIS mail) running on on-premise hardware owned and managed by the coastguard.


FlexibilityThe software can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. It is easy to adjust or extend your system or features. This results in a cost-effective, fit-for-purpose solution.
No apps neededThe services are accessible through your standard web browser. This means that you can run MSS from a desktop or a mobile device. The services are available anytime anywhere to authorised users.
Easy to useWe have over three decades of experience in developing maritime solutions together with our users. This has resulted in an intuitive and harmonised user interface with exactly the right amount of information for the tasks at hand.
Easy to connectData can be exchanged in real- time and the integration of third-party solutions is easier than with traditional platforms. This means that information sharing has never been easier
Reliable and low-maintenanceOur services are cyber-secure by design, using the latest technologies. Services can be implemented redundantly for high availability.
Lifetime supportOur way of working allows for continuous improvement of our services without the need to upgrade the entire system.
Easy to buyWe envision a future where services will be available through our web shop online with transparent pricing and immediate availability of the service. Until then, our sales representatives will handle service purchase requests.