Saab’s new Vessel Traffic Services system for Shanghai goes live

With the conclusion of the final reliability test in early May, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration has taken Saab’s new Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) system for Shanghai and Wusong into operation.

The original VTS system delivered by Saab in 2005 was instrumental in guaranteeing safety around Shanghai’s deepwater port at Yangshan and protecting the 35 km Donghai bridge that connects the port to the mainland. Over the years, the system has grown and the latest delivery now covers the Wusong area, further inland. The system currently uses 20 radars and has two traffic centres that act as each other’s backup.

“This important final milestone further solidifies Saab’s position in the market for VTS systems,” says Tomas Hjelmberg, Head of Maritime Traffic Management at Saab, “it’s one of the most challenging maritime environments in the world where at any given moment we have to track 15000 vessels in a complex geographical area with constrained waterways. A further challenge was posed by the COVID pandemic, which restricted the number of people we could send to the customer sites.”

In a statement, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration (SHAMSA) said: “As the world’s No. 1 container port, with unique navigation environment and geographical features, Shanghai Port has extremely high requirements for the service and safeguarding capability of the VTS system. With profound technology and experience accumulation, Saab is able to provide Shanghai Port with a stable, reliable and advanced VTS system, which will strongly facilitate us in more efficient maritime supervision and service duty performance in our jurisdiction. With continuous deepening of the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Centre and the integration of maritime supervision in the Yangtze River Delta, we look forward to further cooperation with Saab.”

Saab’s position in the Chinese market is significant, with 17 VTS systems that together use over 100 radars in mainland China.

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