Internship vessel tracking performance

Internship vessel tracking performance

LOCATIONApeldoorn, The Netherlands
START DATE(21. 04. 2023)
SALARY RANGE(€400 – €500)

Tidalis is a company that delivers solutions for maritime traffic management. Our main focus is Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) systems alongside port management and port logistics. Our systems are delivered to major ports and maritime authorities across the globe. VTS systems are deployed to reduce incident risks, improve efficiency and protect the marine environment.

One of the main elements in our systems is building a real-time maritime surveillance picture, i.e. the positions and movements of all vessels. Such a surveillance picture is maintained, among other ways, by using radar sensors, cameras and ship-reported data. Since VTS is a safety-related system, the quality and reliability of this surveillance picture are extremely important.

Within the VTS system, the target tracking system is responsible for the sensor data processing. A target tracking system is a rather complex system, which has many parameters that affect performance and tuning these parameters to get optimal performance is time-consuming.

In order to improve this tuning process, there is a need for automated evaluation of:

  •  the performance of the sensors, such as the probability of detection and accuracy, and
  • the performance of the target tracker, such as accuracy and numbers of unwanted targets.

You will review an existing initial design, based on the concept of “reference trajectories”. This means that an existing sensor data set is processed offline, i.e. potential targets are identified, and a best approximation is made of the path followed by the potential target (the reference trajectory).

The assignment consists of the following steps:

  • Exploring methods to automatically determine reference trajectories;
  • Creating a Proof of Concept to process a sensor data set into reference trajectories;
  • Exploring methods to derive key performance indicators, based on a comparison between reference trajectories and target-tracking results

What do we offer?

An innovative, dynamic and ambitious international environment where you can learn a great deal and gain valuable experience. You will work with colleagues who have a passion for technology and like to work with you. You will work in an organisation where your creativity can grow to its full potential. Our culture is informal, open and friendly. We focus on our employees, professionalism, responsibility and, above all, enjoyable work. We offer a payment of €400 (Bachelors rate) or €500 (Masters rate) gross per month, flexibility in working hours and working environment.


  • A Bachelor’s or a Master’s study in a relevant field (ICT, Mathematics, Electronics or Physics);
  • Fluency in English (oral and written). Dutch is a plus;
  • Analytical and creative thinking;
  • Knowledge of data science, i.e. statistics and deep-learning algorithms.

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