Maintenance contract with Dutch Ministry of Defence’s JIVC signed

Tidalis signed a pivotal maintenance contract with Dutch Ministry of Defence’s Joint Information Provisioning Command.

We’re pleased to share that Tidalis successfully concluded a significant multi-year maintenance contract with the Joint Information Provisioning Command (JIVC) of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. This contract focuses on the maintenance and support that Tidalis provides for the traffic image system (AIS/RADAR) of the Dutch Coast Guard. The contract’s initial duration spans 5 years, with the potential for extension up to an impressive maximum of 14 years.

One remarkable aspect of this traffic image system is the integration of data from various sources. While the Coast Guard possesses a single radar, the majority of the traffic image is sourced from traffic monitoring systems (VTSs) of other agencies (e.g., RWS, Port of Rotterdam Authority, and the Scheldt Radar Chain) and sensors strategically positioned on platforms at sea. At the Coast Guard, our system adeptly consolidates and validates these diverse data streams in real-time, presenting an integrated and consistent traffic image.

At Tidalis, we are immensely proud of the expertise and dedication that made this collaboration possible. We look forward to this valuable partnership and the opportunity to contribute to the effective operation and safety of maritime traffic along the Dutch coast.

The Coast Guard has a wide range of tasks among which:

  • Emergency, urgent and safety messaging
  • Search and rescue (SAR)
  • North Sea fire fighting (MIRG)
  • Disaster and incident response (RIB)
  • Emergency towing assistance
  • Emergency port
  • Medical assistance
  • Nautical Management
  • Enforcement
  • AIS
  • Explosives disposal

The traffic imaging system provided by Tidalis plays an important role in fulfilling these tasks. With this new contract, Tidalis is making it possible for the Coast Guard to continue performing this extensive range of tasks into the future.


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