Saab to supply Gladstone Marine Pilots with an advanced Marine Pilot Dispatch Management System (PDMS)

At Saab we are proud to announce that we are delivering our flagship Pilot Dispatch Management System (PDMS) PilotControl to Gladstone Ports Corporation’s (GPC) Gladstone Marine Pilots (GMPS). Forward planning and accurate assignment of marine pilots to vessel traffic can be challenging. As a domain expert, Saab helps pilot groups around the globe to streamline their processes while incorporating varied, often complex rules and rostering needs. Saab helps clients eliminate duplicate data entry, improve stakeholder communications, and we provide options for integration with third-party IT systems.

The Pilot Dispatch team will gain streamlined access to all relevant information, helping them to make timely and informed decisions. At Saab, we are able to achieve all this and more for GMPS thanks to our unique PilotControl web dispatching dashboard and pilot-friendly smartphone application. GMPS will also be backed 24/7 by our dedicated support team to ensure the continuity of port operations.

Head of Maritime Traffic Management at Saab, Tomas Hjelmberg said the project further consolidates our position as a leading supplier of advanced pilot dispatch management systems. “A larger user base benefits all of our customers as it speeds up our development of new functionality. We are excited about this project as GMPS have elected to interface their PDMS direct with Maritime Safety Queensland’s (MSQ) Port Community System (PCS) QSHIPS,” he said.

The GMPS Marine Pilot team facilitates more than 4600 pilotage jobs annually and, with the new application, they will be able to display up-to-date information.

GPC’S GMPS manager, Captain Lincoln Tedman, said the application would increase efficiency. “We have a very professional dedicated team of pilots who safely guide ships into and out of our ports 24-7, 365 days a year. It’s vital that our pilots have the latest tools so that they can carry out their work to the very highest safety standards. We coordinate very closely with Maritime Safety Queensland to ensure that shipping to our ports is provided safely, efficiently, and with the highest possible standards. The application will further improve our internationally accredited services,” he said.

For more information see PilotControl – Pilotage Dispatch Management System.

About Gladstone Marine Pilot Services and the Port of Gladstone
Gladstone Marine Pilot Services (GMPS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC), a Government Owned Corporation (GOC). GPC is Queensland’s largest multi-commodity port and is home to a Deepwater harbour. GPC has a three-port footprint including Gladstone, Rockhampton and Bundaberg, which allows GPC to facilitate trade for a very wide range of customers.
GMPS ranks among the top professional pilotages in the world and was accredited for their high safety standards. They received a certificate of international standard for maritime pilot organisations (ISPO) in December 2020, meeting strict safety guidelines and standards as prescribed by ISPO and verified by Lloyds Register.

About Maritime Safety Queensland
Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) is a Queensland government agency of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Their role is to protect Queensland’s vast waterways and the people who use them – providing safer, cleaner seas.

At Saab MTM we are proud to have served MSQ since 2007. Today MSQ uses multiple solutions from Saab’s portfolio including PortControl (QSHIPS), MaritimeControl (REEFVTS) and supporting VTS-related hardware.

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