Saab awarded pilotage management system contract for Northeast Marine Pilots

Saab’s PilotControl – a comprehensive pilotage management and billing system in use across the globe – will be implemented at Northeast Marine Pilots, which serve the waters of Narragansett Bay and the Port of Providence in the state of Connecticut in the United States. The pilots are currently working with an in-house system and are looking forward to future proof their activities by getting the latest technology available. An important advantage of the new system is the support for mobile use, making communication between pilots and their dispatch centre much more efficient.

When using PilotControl, the Northeast Marine Pilots will be using a paperless web order process. This enhances efficiency within their community and provides them with real-time updates.

Planning ahead and accurate assignment of marine pilots to vessel traffic can be challenging. Saab helps pilot groups around the globe streamline their processes while incorporating varied and complex rules and rostering needs. PilotControl is a web and cloud-based system, which results in optimal resilience. It prevents duplicate data entry, improves stakeholder communications and provides options for integration with third-party IT systems.

The Northeast Marine Pilots will be making use of the PilotControl mobile application. This module communicates directly with pilots wherever they are, on any device. Pilots have instant access to the information they need for their assignment: date, time, vessel and location, weather conditions, and real-time updates, including information on delays that affect planning or rest time for the pilots.

The pilots can use the application to input their reports, record their activities, and complete their time sheets. In this way, they will be more efficient in receiving and providing information, so that they can focus on the important safety component of their work.

Head of Maritime Traffic Management at Saab, Tomas Hjelmberg said the project strengthens Saab’s position as the leading supplier of advanced pilot dispatch management systems. “Each pilotage has its own way of working, its own range of certified pilots, and its own mix of clients and corresponding tariffs,” he said. “The fact that Northeast Marine Pilots are joining our customer base is further proof that we bring value to a wide range of pilotage organizations all around the world.”

In addition to the mobile management tool, the Northeast Marine Pilots will be making use of Saab’s Safety Observation Tool to record safety concerns and share these with pilots worldwide.

For more information, see PilotControl – Pilotage Dispatch Management System. The system is expected to be operational in Q2 of 2022.

About Northeast Marine Pilots
The Northeast Marine Pilots Association has a long history of dedicated expert service. The pilots uphold the longstanding maritime standards of professional marine pilots. They ensure safety and environmental protection in local waters by preventing marine accidents. They use the most advanced navigation equipment and engage in continuous training. The manned dispatch communication centre and four Gladding and Hearn pilot boats facilitate the most up-to-date and efficient service available.

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